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Obesity is a chronic disease and is a challenge best met by teams of health care professionals, including dietitians and physicians, working together to deliver optimal treatment.
US National Library of Medicine


Welcome to our program & passion, helping you be Healthy From The Inside Out!

Are you new to Dr. Smith or has it been 2+ years since your last appointment?
If so, then a Health Package or Primer is where to start.

Take the first step by learning more online or calling 770-438-8446.

When you're ready, purchase a Health Package online.

Then, call 770-438-8446 to book your first visit with your uplifting, expert team!

You wouldn't visit a podiatrist if you need back surgery. We've been medical experts in this field since 1986. Why trust your health to anyone else?

Complementary products available to our patients include prescription appetite suppressants, Lipo-PLUS or Lipo-Lite injections, vitamin B12 injections, multi-vitamins, and health supplements.

"My needs and goals change with time. I cherish these experts who help me wherever I'm at."   Lee